How to use bed bug spray

How to use bed bug spray ?

The easiest way to get rid of bed bugs in your home is through the use of spray. For you to get the best results, you must have some basic knowledge on how to use bed bug spray. Apart from understanding the process, you also need to decide on the best type of spray that you need to use. Finally, you need to prepare your home before you do the spraying. The following tips may be helpful to you;

  1. Clean the target area for action

First, vacuum your mattress, carpet, furniture and couch covers and any other areas that can be prone to bed bug infestation. Check the nightstands, dressers, ceiling wall junctures, chairs and sofas, and any other places where the bed bugs can hide and lay eggs. You must inspect and kill them wherever they may be. After exterminating them, clean your house regularly and wash your mattress covers, pillowcases and any other covers that may be prone to infestation.

  1. Decide the best spray to use.

There are very many types of sprays that can be used to get rid of bed bugs. You can use general-purpose sprays, fungicides, disinfectants, insecticides and many others. You must select a product that will be safe for you and your family. Most pest sprays may have harmful effects on human beings and it is, therefore, necessary to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any kind of chemical. You should understand the ingredients used to make the spray before you decide to use it. This will help you to know which one will be effective to kill the bugs and also safe for your health.

  1. Do a thorough inspection in all the possible areas where the bed bugs can hide.

Having bought your spray, the next thing that should follow is to thoroughly inspect all the areas that require spraying. It is advisable to spray most of the areas in your house so that bed bugs will not get anywhere to hide from the effect of the spray. For you to get effective results, you must repeat this for sometime

  1. Use glue boards to catch any existing bugs after spraying the room.

After the spraying process, you may need to place glue boards in the most sensitive areas of your room to catch any bed bugs that may have escaped the treatment. If you catch more bed bugs within a period of about one week, this may be a call to action and you may need to repeat the process immediately. You should not move back to the house immediately after the treatment. You may need to wait for about seven to ten days to ensure there are no more bed bugs in the house.

In the worst case, you may need to seek assistance from experts when it comes to eliminating bed bugs. In this case, you need to choose a reputable pest control body. Get the most experienced people to do the job. You may do good research on the best anti-pests services. Having this problem solved, you can be sure to enjoy a good sleep at night