Keeping Bed Bugs Off Your Bed and for Good

Keeping Bed Bugs Off Your Bed and for Good

Most all of us have an idea where bed bugs get their start in our homes, they are the creepy little souvenirs that follow us back home from our vacations, typically overseas and such. The question is, how do you go about protecting your bed from bed bugs? Below, the remainder of the article will provide you with quality tips in order to do just that.

Always try and make sure that your bedroom is vacuumed and always clean. If you have the ability to vacuum the mattress, that would be most helpful but if not, keep it as clean as you possibly can. Eliminate clutter. Avoid keeping piles of clothes on the floor, shoes, toys, boxes, etc. The same thing goes for the closets and under the bed because they enable a perfectly dark environment for the bed bugs.

Encasements are a must. These are plastic covers that are bed bugs proof and they are placed on the mattress and on the box springs. Any bugs existing inside the mattress will then be trapped and eventually die due to starvation. These encasements will also assume protection against future bugs from finding a new place to call their roost. Pest control supplies companies on the web have several various encasements for purchase, also medical supply companies have them available as well. Typical prices will range from around $20-$100 dollars with the size, quality and thickness being the difference in price.

Bring your bed out from the wall a few inches or so, making absolute sureness that there is completely no contact being made with the wall.

Keep an eye on your bed frames and always take the time to inspect them whenever you have some free time. Check for seams in the mattress and the box spring and if you happen to live in an apartment complex, contact the rental office to notify them of your disposition.

If you are of the thrifty sort, try to stray away from digging through used mattresses or furniture that have been thrown away. Whatever used furniture that you do acquire, always make it a point to inspect the items thoroughly.

Protecting your bed from bed bugs may seem like an inconvenience to some but neglecting the issue will pose several more problems than simply taking a little time out to assume a few minor duties. When and if you leave the country or visit suspect places, make it your responsibility to examine everything which could be a place for bed bugs to hide.