How to Know If You Have Bed Bugs

How to Know If You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are some of the oldest and nastiest parasites in human history. These tiny parasites are tricky to detect and it is a known fact that they can hide in upholstery and mattresses. Although it is hard to detect them easily, it is possible to identify whether your home is infested by these blood-sucking parasitic insects thus giving you an opportunity to eliminate them.

Red, itchy bites on the body

If you wake up having some red, itchy welts on your body, then it could be a sign that you have bed bugs in your home. The blood-sucking parasites normally hide in mattresses and coaches only to attack when you are resting and will leave zigzag-patterned welts across your body. Although not all bites are associated with bed bugs, you can easily identify bed bug bites by their appearance since they are reddish and very itchy. Bed bugs are known to bite their hosts around the arms and shoulders, and back, but this does not mean they won’t bite other parts of the body. In case you wake up to an unexplained itching that is red in colour, it is time to move to the second step towards bed bug detection.

Examine your home

If the bites are consistent especially at night, you should start inspecting your upholstery and beddings for any signs of bed bugs. You can do this by checking along the mattress and upholstery folds and piping edges as these are the most common hiding places for bed bugs and other parasites. You should also remove your mattress and cushions and inspect the wooden joints and cracks and you might be surprised to find a host of these bloodsuckers. It normally calls for a keen examination considering that bed bugs are brown in colour and could easily be concealed by the colour of your furniture. Mostly, it might be good to wait while it is dark as this is the most common hour for them to move around seeking their next victims. In case you do not see them using the visual examination, consider using the other inspection methods.

Use active monitors or interception devices

Another great method of detecting bed bug infestation is that of using active monitors and interception devices. These can be strategically placed on the resting areas such as upholstery or at the feet of the bed during the night. Interception devices are normally cost-effective and although they are a bit slower, they are worth trying especially if you are not sure whether your home is infested. They normally have some sort of glue that traps the parasites as they move around, thus helping you not only in detecting but also in eliminating some of them.

Professional bed bug inspection

Professional bed bug inspection and elimination is the most successful method to consider. There are many professional and efficient companies offering these services and contracting them could help you deal with the problem once for all. Bed bugs normally reproduce at a very high rate and if not stopped on their tracks could easily take over your home. It will be appropriate to deal with them professionally by hiring a professional to inspect your home, find their nesting areas and eliminate them completely.

Although they are small in size, bed bugs could turn out to be a nuisance for you and your entire family. In case you have been noticing these bites and suspect them to be coming from bed bugs, seek professional help and deal with the problem quickly.