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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers free from bed bugs. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure bed bugs are gone and our customers are happy. Call us for bed control services in Guelph.

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Bed Bug Control Guelph

Highly effective, affordable, and repeatedly proven and tested bed bug control services in Guelph. We have highly talented professional trained licensed & insured exterminators that can handle and end bed bug control of any scale. Commercial-grade low mammalian toxicity pesticides are deployed in combination with high-temperature steam treatments that destroy unhatched bed bug eggs to halt their life cycle and stop spread of the bed bug infestation. We use effective baseboard sprays and crack and crevice applications to flush out bed bugs no matter where they are. Residual effects of these pesticides immediately eliminate bed bugs on contact including newly hatched bed bugs and continues to work for weeks. Bed bugs are parasitic pests that feed on human blood and disappear without a trace. Infestations start by being brought in. They are impossible to contain for the average property owner and will need licensed exterminators. We offer a 6-month service warranty, and we will be back if bed bugs come back for no additional charge. Call xxx-xxx-xxx to become bed bug-free.



Bed Bug Removal PRocess


The more prepared you are, the easier it will be for exterminators to treat your property more efficiently and more effectively. Technicians need access to spaces to apply their treatments without any blockade. Linens need to be removed and washed from mattresses, spaces and bedrooms need to be tidied and decluttered, and clothes need to be washed at stowed away in plastic bags



Inspection is of great importance for the technician because it will give a detailed image of how the infestation has progressed. They need a deep understanding of the situation for viable solutions. They will carefully go trough every room to locate, identify, and confirm hotspots and areas of high activity. Once confirmed, information will be gathered, reviewed, and conveyed to the property owner for extermination on the very same day.


To effectively combat the bed bug infestation, technicians deploy a combination of pesticides accompanied with effective heat treatments. This will ensure that every bed bug is destroyed and cannot repopulate. Extermination takes place with separate visits. The 2nd one takes place 2-3 weeks after the first one. This is to confirm that treatment is working and that hidden bed bugs are eliminated. Extermination will continue with a full-coverage baseboard spray. A vacancy of a couple of hours will also be needed.

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Pesticide Treatment

Pesticides are an effective way to get rid of bed bugs. Technicians know the appropriate usage of each pesticide to bring the best results. During treatment dusts, liquids, and aerosols pesticides are utilized. Dusts for wall voids and electrical outlets, aerosols to apply in cracks and crevices, and liquids for spot treatment. These treatments make up for a powerful counterattack that no bed bug can survive.

Steam Treatment

Bed bugs perish under extreme heat. Steam is primarily used to destroy unhatched bed bug eggs since they can be unsusceptible to chemical treatments. Steam is non-toxic and versatile against bed bugs.



Prevention is the key to stop a bed bug infestation from happening. We also offer bed bug mattress covers that trap them so they can’t feed off people. It’s important to understand that infestations start the minute they are brought in with infested items. Clothes, furniture, carpets, pieces of luggage can all be infested and are common sources for it. Doing a check can prevent a reinfestation.

Bed Bug Signs

Bed bug bites are usually the first tangible thing that people feel. Bed bug bites can look like bumps and even like mosquito bites. They are hard to tell apart. If you notice brown, black, or red streaks on your bedding, this might indicate that a nest is nearby. Call us at xxx-xxx-xxx if in doubt.

Bed Bug Hiding Places

Bed bug bites are usually the first tangible thing that people feel. Bed bug bites can look like bumps and even like mosquito bites. They are hard to tell apart. If you notice brown, black, or red streaks on your bedding, this might indicate that a nest is nearby. Call us at xxx-xxx-xxx if in doubt.


Why Hire Us?

Because we know that we can put an end to your infestation like we do for others daily using proven and tested methods with the help of our highly talented, skilled, trained licensed & insured exterminators. We have commercial-grade formulations and the best tools at our disposal to provide a seamless bed bug control treatment. Our work is backed up with a 6-month service warranty. We come back the minute bed bugs do for no additional charge.

warranty two years

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Professional Bed Bug Control in Guelph

The Pesticidal and heat treatment combination has proved successful for other and has passed the test of times till this day. We offer our services at appealing prices, so it continues to make solutions more accessible. We keep it simple, so you can leave your mind at ease. Our work is covered with a 6-month service warranty. If bed comes make a comeback, we will too for no additional fee. Call us at xxx-xxx-xxx.

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