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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers free from bed bugs. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure bed bugs are gone and our customers are happy. Call us for bed control services in Ajax.

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Bed Bug Control Ajax

Guaranteed, reliable, and top-quality bed bug control treatments at affordable prices performed by talented, fully licensed & insured pest control experts. We get rid of your bed bug infestation using proven and time-tested methods. We use heat and chemical treatments to take care of each bed bug based on thorough assessment, inspection, and planning. Residual affects take care of any newly hatched bed bugs. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that will feed on human blood. They stay in and around areas where people sleep, relax, and spend lots of time. They come out at night to feed and leave people with bites. Bed bugs are often brought in unsuspectedly through infested furniture, clothes, or luggage from a trip abroad. We guarantee you noticeable results in a short time. All our work is backed up with a 6-month extended warranty. To ask about our services, call xxx-xxx-xxx.

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Bed Bug Removal PRocess


Preparation is key when a bed bug treatment is in process and will help the technicians get to places without any problem. We ask customers for their cooperation before our arrival and will send them detailed instructions for preparation. Customers need to wash and remove linens from the bed and tidy up bedrooms and living spaces. This is to ensure that our treatment reaches every nook and cranny.

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To get a better understanding of the scope, scale, and severity of the infestation, technicians will conduct a thorough interior inspection to locate and detect hot spots and areas of highest activity. Areas such as the living room and bedrooms will be searched following signs, traces, and behavioral patterns. This will result in a highly effective bed bug extermination customized to the needs and situation of the infestation so that each bed bug present or new will be accounted for. We will gather our findings and report the plan-of-action to the homeowner.


We provide a combination and variety of methods to get the maximum yield. We make sure to use the appropriate measures to target bed bugs wherever they are. Technicians are seasoned bed bug control experts and can easily adjust their treatment based on the needs of the customer. Extermination consists of two visits. The 2nd visit will take 2-3 weeks after the 1st to ensure hiding bed bugs are exterminated. After re-assessment, we will go ahead and continue the 2nd extermination. A vacancy of a few hours will be required during the treatment.

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Pesticide Treatment

We use pesticides in different forms to reach bed bugs and to make sure they are destroyed. We use aerosols, dusts and, liquids to target different parts and areas of the property. Cracks and crevices are treated with aerosols, liquids for spot treatments, while dusts are used for places such as bed frames, and box springs. Residual effects of these pesticides make sure they will do their job for weeks and destroy newly hatched bed bugs as well.

Steam Treatment

Steam treatments are highly effective since bed bugs cannot survive high temperatures and primarily used to target unhatched eggs as they can be resistant to chemical treatments. Steam treatments are mainly used for upholstery, mattresses, and carpets. This is an effective non-toxic method that is guaranteed to reach bed bugs and destroy them.

steam treatment to remove bed bugs
bed bug prevention in ajax


Prevention is the biggest factor when it comes to avoiding reinfestations. Understanding how bed bugs enter is very important and should result in more caution. Bed bugs are not very mobile and thus need to be brought inside from outside the home. Luggage is the biggest culprit. Make sure to inspect luggage on a flat and clear surface. Second-hand furniture and clothes are also a source.

Bed Bug Signs

Bed bug bites are the first sign of a bed bug infestation. These bites can look like blisters, bumps, or mosquito bites and can appear in clusters or in lines on uncovered parts of the body. This can include the face, stomach, hands, legs, and feet. Since bed bug infestations are notoriously difficult to identify, professional inspection might be required. Call xxx-xxx-xxx for more information.

Bed Bug Hiding Places

Bed bugs are where people are and are always close to strike. Bed bugs are often in the bedroom, living, or other rooms where you might often sleep, relax, lay down, and even sit. Bed bugs do not only hide in mattresses but can also be couches and clothes. They can be brought in from any washing machine that is used by multiple people. If you have any suspicion, call us.

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Why Hire Us?

Because our treatments work and have been working for countless of other bed bug infestations we have treated. We employ trained, fully licensed &insured experts that know how to get rid of bed bugs using a combination of proven methods and techniques and have access to potent pesticides to get the job done. Our work is covered with a comprehensive 6-month warranty. If you want to get rid of bed bugs, hire us.

warranty two years

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Professional Bed Bug Control in Ajax

We use effective bed bug control solutions guaranteed to work. A combination of pesticides and heat treatments make sure bed bugs are gone and stay away. Seasoned fully licensed and insured pest control technicians thoroughly inspect, assess, and exterminate bed bugs with proven solutions guaranteed. All our work performed is covered by an extensive 6-month warranty. If bed bugs ever come back, so will free for no additional cost! Call us now at xxx-xxx-xxx to be bed bug-free.

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