How to stop bed bugs

How to stop bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny insects which feeds on your blood. These insects can go for months without food or even water. They are known to hide in the cracks found in the furniture or cracks on the floor and even in walls. These insects are active at night. They are not known to cause any disease but they are such a nuisance. They will not let you sleep at all. Once they bite they leave red bumps which are so itchy all over your skin. You definitely want to have some good night’s sleep and to maintain your flawless skin and it is for these reasons you should stop bed bugs from visiting your home. How exactly do you stop these annoying insects from visiting your home?

Keeping your beddings clean

Your bedsheets and blankets are such a good habitat for bugs and their eggs to hide in. You should wash them as frequently as possible and after washing you heat dry them. This will prevent these insects from hiding in them and feasting on you at night.

Vacuuming thoroughly is also a way to get rid of bed bugs 

You should thoroughly vacuum floors, under beds, bed frames, around the legs of the bed as well as any cracks around the house once in a while. To ensure that the bugs don’t escape after every wash change the bag and put it in a plastic bag that is tightly sealed and disposed of in a garbage pit far away from your house.

After a trip away from home, you should inspect your luggage thoroughly

Bugs are easily transported from place to place. They are small insects that will hide in your clothes and it is for these reasons after trips away from home carefully inspect your luggage before taking it back inside your home. Ensure there is no bug . Failure to do so can put you in a lot of trouble with these insects. Before you know it they are all over your place and uncontrollable.

Be very careful when bringing used furniture and clothes to your home

Do not store the clothes before washing, wash them immediately as for the furniture inspect carefully before you let in into your house. You should never go for used mattresses always get a new mattress. You should also get your mattress a mattress cover.

Hiring a pest control service

Prevention is always better than cure. Hire a pest control service so that your home is treated and bed bug infestation is prevented. This ensures that your home is free from these annoying insects.


By rubbing some alcohol on your skin, you are keeping the bug bites away. Alcohol is known to repel bed bugs and prevent them from laying eggs. You should get yourself one.

Bed bugs are a nuisance you should stop them from coming into your home before it’s too late.