Comparison of Professional vs DIY Bed Bug Removal

Comparison of Professional vs DIY Bed Bug Removal

Bedbugs are one of the most difficult to control pests. One reason for this is that they are masters at hiding and, are likely to emerge during the night when their victims are asleep. Another reason is that bedbug infestation is hard to detect. Their bites are usually won’t cause reddening and itching of the skin. Many people actually detect them when there is severe bed bugs infestation.

Once bedbugs are detected in the home, the homeowner usually has two options. One is to call a professional exterminator and the other is to eliminate the bedbugs personally. Each method of bedbug removal has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a detailed comparison of professional vs DIY bed bug removal.


Many people opt to remove bedbugs from their homes to save on costs. The only cost they incur is purchasing the chemicals that will be used to kill the pests. Hiring a professional exterminator is slightly more expensive as the homeowner will have to incur additional service costs. However, this can be convenient if the homeowner doesn’t have the time to get rid of the bugs personally.


Hiring a professional bed bug exterminator ensures that a thorough job is done. Most DIY bedbug removal activities are done on the basis of information received from sources such as the internet. This information might help in eliminating the bugs to an extent but it cannot guarantee a thorough job. Professionals will most likely have first-hand information regarding the best chemicals to use for killing adult bedbugs and their unhatched eggs. They’ll also have information regarding chemicals that are safest with regard to your family and pets. Finally, through their course of work, bed bug exterminators will have knowledge about bed bug hiding places that the ordinary homeowner might not know about.


DIY bedbug removal is more convenient and private for the homeowner. Hiring a professional bedbug removal company requires you to provide access to your home. This can be inconvenient as it might disrupt your family’s daily schedule. For some homeowners, it can also be embarrassing to hire a stranger to get rid of a bedbug infestation.


DIY projects provide the opportunity to learn something new. Personally getting rid of bedbugs from your home can provide the opportunity to learn more about them and the different elimination methods. This however will require time and effort on your part. It will also require a thoroughness in the information detail you get before attempting to remove these pests. This ensures that you eliminate them safely and ensure no future infestation. Of course, you can always learn all this by asking questions from the professional exterminator you hire.