When to Call a Bedbug Exterminator

Bedbugs are a very irritating insect that feed mostly on human blood in order to live. They can cause skin irritation as well as extreme cases of allergic reaction from their bites. Their infestation can lead to insomnia in some cases as they make you uncomfortable and hypersensitive when in bed. These insects, which are about five millimetres in length as adult, are rusty brown in color, though they change to reddish when fully fed. They have flat bodies which aids them to stay hidden in the smallest of crevices. Their bodies swell up when they have fed to accommodate their meal. In order to get rid of these menacing pests you will need professional help. These are some of the signs that will help you know when to call a bed bug exterminator

The alarming rate at which bedbugs reproduce means that you have to catch them early in order to give yourself a fighting chance of eradicating them quickly. A female will lay up to 3 eggs every day, meaning you could have a fully fledged infestation in two to three months if unchecked. The only sure way you can tell you have an infestation is by finding a bedbug. When you already know how it looks like, you are able to know what you are looking for. A magnifying glass, a torch and a slim plastic prod can help in discovering these insects.Once you are armed with your bedbug finding kit, you’ll need to make a very detailed search of your living area. You will start at the feeding ground of these bugs which is the bed.

Scrutinize the bedding for any blood spots or black spots the size of a period. The blood spots which are much bigger are an indication of squashed bugs while the black spots are their excrement. Remove the bedding from the bed in order to have a clear view of the mattress. Check the mattress seam as well as the box springs. Check the frame of the bed as well, moving your prod across the crevices to dislodge these insects.

Note that you are not just looking for live insects, but their eggs and egg shells as well as shed skin. The eggs are white in color and about a millimeter long while the skin is yellowish. Make sure to check the frames, wall hangings as well as furniture within and outside the bedrooms. Also check the carpeting and furniture. When you find any live bedbugs or their eggs and skins, this will be one sure sign you have an infestation. On top of this, if you or any one of your family members is having an unexplainable persistent rash that is concentrated in one spot, then this is when to call a bedbug exterminator. While there are steps you can take to help in eradicating the menace, you will need the help of an exterminator who is licensed to use pesticides to control the invasion. This, in combination with non-chemical treatments will help you eradicate this pest.