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Our treatments are thorough and effective. We go the extra mile to make sure all bed bugs are removed from all their hiding places.

  • Mattress Seams
  • Inside Boxsprings
  • On Bed Frame
  • Behind Headboards
  • Behind Picture frames
  • Under carpets
  • Inside Electrical outlets and light switches
  • Inside Furniture Items

Bed Bug Characteristics

Bed bugs are small, elusive parasitic insects which feed by biting warm-blooded hosts and sucking blood. They are normally found in beds and other areas where people sleep. Bed bugs multiply fast and travel easily from room to room or location to location.

When they feed on their hosts leave little bite marks. These bites can cause skin irritations and be the result of various skin allergies or irritation. Bed bug problems tend to be more prevalent in areas where higher population densities exist. As a result, many Brampton residents are experiencing bed bug problems.

How Do You Know You Have Bed Bugs?

There are ways you too can determine you are dealing with a bed bug problem. The most common signs of bed bugs are bites. Small reddish coloured bites on various parts of the body after staying in bed overnight are usually a common sign that you are dealing with bed bugs. Bed bugs bite and feed for a total of five to ten minutes each time.

Another sign of a bed bug problem is actually finding bed bug shells or even dead bed bugs in sheets or a bed frame. You can actually look for them yourself to confirm your suspicion. You can also use a flashlight under your bed or in the sheets at night.

Bed bugs have a light brown reddish colour. They are wingless and have an oval shape. They are tough and can survive in different conditions and even with no food for prolonged periods of time. that is why you shouldn’t bring in used furniture in your house as bed bugs can easily hitch a ride on the furniture until they find their new dwelling.

If you have come across bed bug signs, or have confirmed an infestation, give us a call. We can help with confirming your suspicion and also provide solutions and recommendations for completely eradicating the problem.

If you live in Brampton and have a bed bug problem give us a call. Dial: 647-559-2456

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide? Top 5 Common Places

Bed bug breeding habits make them some of the most prevalent pests around. A female will mate with its own children, cousin, brother and father with no problem. Considering a female lays between 200 and 500 eggs in a lifetime, a single pregnant female or one male and a female companion can be responsible for a large infestation in just a few months.

Bed bugs like to stay out of sight when not feeding and are nocturnal so the likely hood that you will spot an infestation before it becomes pronounced is minimal. If you have ever wondered where bed bugs hide or the first places to look for bed bugs, a study from the University of Kentucky provided all the right answers.

#1: Bed

This is the obvious place to start since bed bugs do have ‘bed’ in their name. 85% of people with bed bug infestations reported having them inside their bed, specifically the mattress. 52% reported finding the critters in their bedding.

Bed bugs like to live close to the host so the bed is a prime place to infest considering you spend up to 8 hours a day there. Learn to identify signs of bed bugs in your bedding such as black or reddish specks which indicate bed bug feces.

#2: Baseboards

37% of people infected with bed bugs reported finding the critters in their baseboards particularly where it meets the wall and carpet. There are plenty of gaps and crevices for the bed bugs to hide with little disturbance. These dark areas provide ideal harborages for the nocturnal pests.

#3: Dressers and Nightstands

Bed bugs like to live within about 5 feet of their host so you can expect nearby bedroom furniture to be infested. Dressers and nightstands offer great hiding places and 26% of participants reported noticing infestation in these areas. Although bed bugs don’t show any preferences for wood furniture over metal or plastic, wood furniture tends to have many corners, nail holes and joints where bed bugs can hide undisturbed.

#4: Couches and Chairs

You probably spend more time on the couch than anywhere else (except the bed) so it is natural that the blood-sucking critters will want to hide nearby. 25% of people infested with bed bugs reported finding them in couches and chairs. Couches have plenty of hiding places especially at the bottom while the upholstery has folds and other crevices that offer ideal harborages.

#5: Walls and Ceilings

Spotting signs of bed bugs on your walls and ceilings is an indication of a severe infestation. This also means that the bed bugs will soon be infesting other rooms or apartments. Walls and ceilings offer cracks and crevices where the critters can hide and express routes to other rooms. 14% of people with bed bug problems reported seeing them on walls and ceilings.

Other Places to Inspect for Bed Bugs

The potential hiding places are virtually endless. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and anywhere they can tuck in away from light and activity is a good enough spot. You will need to go through your house with a fine-tooth comb if you suspect you might have a bed bug infestation. Other places to inspect include;

  • Dresser and nightstand
  • Clothing
  • Curtains
  • Coffee tables near favourite sofas and chairs
  • Bags including gym bags, backpacks and luggage
  • Closet
  • Under carpets and rugs
  • In wallpaper seams
  • Behind and inside switch plates and electrical outlets
  • In books shelves and books
  • Door hinges and window mouldings

Hire an Exterminator to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are so difficult to exterminate that 68% of professional exterminators claim that this is the most difficult pest they have ever encountered. You need a thorough inspection, multiple treatments and treatment methods and ongoing monitoring and treatment. DIY exterminations are rarely successful.

Save your valuable time and money and hire an exterminator in Brampton to get rid of bed bugs permanently. The expert will make sure that the job is done right from the beginning. He will also suggest and/or perform repairs to make sure that this problem doesn’t occur again in the future.