Bed Bug Control

According to, in the last couple years Bed Bugs have emerged into an enormous problem, resulting in monetary and creditability lost. A problem that is only dramatically escalating, day by day and location by location, with no foreseeable end. Industries are briskly seeking solutions to be rid of Bed Bugs. The fight of infestation has cultivated the evolution of many different products and services, from bug-sniffing dogs to portable fabric steamers to bed-bug laundry services.

Some effective, others with no substance, while prices ranging from low dollars to high thousands. For the individual manager or company owner, that bed bugs are affecting their lively hood, this may be all too overwhelming. Which the is gimmick? What works and how does it work? There is an endless list of questions.

In a perfect world there would be a quick fix, but there isn’t. To control bed bugs at your facility requires: Education, Training and Tools. is here to provide you with resources and products that have been proven to be effective, allowing. Yes, is profit making business but we want to empower you and your staff to control bed bugs as they will not be eradicated anytime soon. Exterminators are wonderful and have their time and place, but with you and your staff will be able to CONTROL BEDBUGS. For solutions to your bed bug problem call: 647-559-2456