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Bed Bug Control Toronto

We will get rid of bed bugs. Our licensed and experienced specialist exterminators will get rid of them for you. Our treatments target the entire life-cycle of the bed bug resulting in a bed bug free environment. We target bed bugs in all stages of their development. Effective bed bug treatments by licensed professionals. Call: 647-559-2456


Our treatments are thorough and effective. We go the extra mile to make sure all bed bugs are removed from all their hiding places.

  • Mattress Seams
  • Inside Box springs
  • On Bed Frame
  • Behind Headboards
  • Behind Picture frames
  • Under carpets
  • Inside Electrical outlets and light switches
  • Inside Furniture Items

Bed bugs are increasingly becoming a serious issue in urban as well as suburban areas of Toronto. Don’t let the problem grow out of control.

Bed Bug Signs

Probably the most direct strategy to know if you got a bed-bug infestation would be to identify a bite on your body. Bed bugs are attracted to persons’ high body heat and carbon dioxide production. They inject their saliva in the biting region, making your skin irritated and swollen. The most familiar symptom consists of localised itchiness and red flat lesions. Tiny raised reddish swelling lesions will also be typical. Just in rare instances do individuals grow substantial raised itchy, red welts. Bed-bug bites most typically appear on open areas of the entire body, including face, neck, hands, arms and lower legs. Biting takes from three to five minutes even though the individual seldom understands they are being attacked. Both female and male bed bugs bite. Bed bugs have been know to result in major emotional problems, disruption of sleep, anxiousness and agitation.

The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatments

The most powerful system for removing bed bugs is one that uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is the utilization of all potential procedures that decreases the risks of pesticide exposure, shields the environment and maximizes usefulness against the bug under consideration. IPM is intended to empower owners and tenants to produce the best and most cost effective choices about managing and eliminating pests. Our technicians offer techniques covered by the IPM program. They’ll have the ability to scan infested areas also encircling living spaces. Their extensive experience will empower them to accurately identify the insect infestation character and eliminate bed bugs by vacuuming, cleaning, applying pesticides and heat application.

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